Clases, clases, clases

Sorry guys for not writing anything in the past couple days, but honestly they’ve been a little boring. I mean, Spain’s awesome and I learn a little more about the city every day, which is great, but I still only know a few streets. I think I’m gonna go explore more today. Although, with a little help, I always find my way home, so that’s important.

Well, I will give the run-down of my week just to keep you all informed. I’ve had at least 2 days of each of my classes so I know all my professors. My classes at Oviedo seem to be easier than my classes with Miami professors, awesome right? Wrong! Not only are the Miami classes hardest, they’re also gonna be way more work than they’re worth, which in reality is nothing. Neither of them count towards my major or minor or anything, they are completely unnecessary. But I had to take them for the program. Oh, and they’re the ones that count to my GPA, ¿qué bueno, sí? My Oviedo classes are fun though, and the teachers are really laid back and chill, that’s just the atmosphere here, tranquilo.

I’m still getting used to the food schedule here. Before coming, I was told lunch is the biggest meal, but in reality, since most people work or are in school (well in my host family at least), dinner seems to be the main meal. So many of my days have consisted of snacking throughout the day, then eating a dinner way to big for me at around 8:30ish. I can’t imagine that’s good for my metabolism, but I’ll figure it out in time, no worries.

Lo siento, this post was a bit boring, but I plan on going to Gijón y Covadonga y other smaller cities (I don’t remember the name of) this weekend, so hopefully I will have much more interesting things to say then. ¡Hasta luego! 🙂



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¡Bienvenidos a España!

So I arrived in Spain on Friday morning, waited at the Oviedo airport until 2:00 then went to the bus station to meet my host family. The whole day was just a lot of sleeping with a couple breaks where I got up to eat. Not much adventure there…muy aburrido.

Saturday was our “orientation to the city of Oviedo.” That is in quotes because it was not really any kind of orientation or tour, it was more us walking as a group around Oviedo taking random turns, not really knowing where we were going for a few hours. While it was unproductive, it was fun and we all got to know each other better, which is always good. As true college students, we decided to go out Saturday night por supuesto, see what night life was like in Spain versus in Oxford. It wasn’t a ton different: you go to bars, hear music, dance, get hit on by hombres achispados, get disgusted by public restrooms, walk home buddy system, and go to sleep. But it was a ton of fun and, again, I got to know people in my group even better, making life-long friends or maybe just Spain buddies, either way. 🙂

Sunday, my host sister, Marta had to go back to her university so I went with my host family to León to drop her off. While in León, we walked around the city for a while. We went to the Cathedral of León, which is said to be the most beautiful cathedral in Spain, for good reason. It was GORGEOUS!! ¡Fenomenal! I was in awe of the details that went into it. If you’re in Spain, try to make it to see the Cathedral of León-so awesome.

Monday, we took our proficiency tests to be placed into a level for our classes. I got placed in intermediate high but José is forcing me into advanced low, which is a better schedule and probably more my level. But still the word advanced scares me so I keep wondering whether I should just drop back down to intermediate pero no sé. Then, afterward, a few of us went to walk around town, just exploring. We ended up getting chocolate-filled churros, which are AMAZING! So good. New addiction. We took some pictures and then headed home. Ate a huge dinner, watched some TV then Facebooked for a while. Now I am going to sleep. 🙂  ¡Buenos noches!



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