Istanbul was Constantinople

Okay, so I’m sad to say I did not reach my 6th continent with this trip. 😦 I saw Asia, but I did not actually get to step foot there. So I’m still only at 5. It’s all good though, gives me more reason to travel even more.

Istanbul is a gorgeous city. The mosques are amazing. The Agia Sofia (Mosque of St. Sofia, I don’t know how to spell it) was breath-taking. Although, given better weather, the trip would have been a little better. It was freezing and cloudy all but a few sunny hours, leading to really dull pictures. It also snowed, which I did not appreciate in the least. Even with the gross weather, I enjoyed myself.

We visited the Grand Bazaar and the Spice Bazaar, which was fun. They were both huge with lots and lots of vendors. I refrained from buying too many things, surprisingly. The food was awesome. Ate a lot of Durham Kebabs, which were yummy. Ate a meal that was cooked in a testi (the ceramic pot), which is always a fun story to tell people. We drank apple tea, which is superb. I must find it in the states, so good. I also kind of got addicted to Nutella which I’d never had in the states before.

The traveling was extremely tiring. I slept a lot in the following days, but I also value sleep more than many my age. Overall, it was a good trip and I can officially say I’ve been to Turkey 🙂

This Friday, the Miami group leaves for our cultural trip through Spain, hitting multiple different cities as we bus through central and southern Spain. I’m super excited, but I know I’m gonna be worn out to the max by the end (and there’s an exam at the end, no fun). Get ready for at least a few posts next week!


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