Cheetah Girls, Gelato, the Mediterranean Sea and Souvenirs

Previously on My Spanish Adventures: You learned about the train ride to Barcelona and how the first day went

Saturday: Saturday started at 9:00am with an awesome buffet for breakfast. Loved the pastries. After breakfast, we headed out. We got to see a big festival celebrating Barcelona’s saint, which was fun. There were performers and huge costumes dancing around. From there we went to the city building, which I didn’t think was gonna be all that exciting, but each room was covered in different art, so it ended up being really fun. Like a free art museum, which is always good. I got to walk down the “Escala D’Honor” or the stairs of honor. I felt very important and honorable.

We were heading to this hug park when, some of us got distracted by the Chocolate Museum. So, of course, I was one of the few who went in. I mean, the ticket itself was chocolate, how could I have said no. It was a ton of fun, all kinds of sculptures made out of chocolate, including but not limited to the Sagrada Familia, Don Quixote, and a Beatles drum set.  It was definitely worth the 3.65 to get in.

Once we were done admiring all the chocolate, we headed to the Ciutadella Park to meet up with all the others. This park was GORGEOUS. And huge. There was this incredible fountain and a Wholly Mammoth statue (which of course I got my picture with). Nearby was Barcelona’s version of the Arc de Triumf, which was cool, random, but cool.

After we ate some lunch (at 4ish) we headed to Montjuic to see the castle and the Olmpic Stadium. There was an awesome view of the entire city from the castle. Veronica and I went to find a bathroom, got lost, and got to participate in a little art class (basically we drew what nature was to us then we got a free book at the end). People waiting outside were a little cold, so some went home, some moved on, and some waited. By the time we made it to the stadium, it was dark and hard to see, but it was still really cool. And, I can say I’ve been there.

For dinner, a group of us went to this place on the beach front and got fresh seafood. It tasted delicious, it was kind of pricey, but it was yummy and had a nice view. On the way back, guys were giving us cat-calls so we had Penny yell Chinese at them, which was hilarious.

Sunday: Again, started with a delicious breakfast at 9. Then, we headed out, our main goal of the day was to just see the city and souvenir shop. We got to take some Cheetah Girl strutting pictures (since they were in Barcelona in the second movie, duh). Then, we got gelato again…twice (we did a lot of walking, we deserved it). We were gonna go to the Picasso museum, but the line was too long, so we just headed back after we were done buying souvenirs. We headed to the beach to chill until we had to go to the train station. It was gorgeous. We all took a ton of pictures, then some of us climbed out on the rocks trying to get as far out as possible. Love adventure time.

The train ride home was fun, we explored the train some, talked, sang, listened to Raeanne’s original rap about Barcelona (amazing), and just chilled. I got little bits of sleep throughout the night. Not much though.

Monday: We got in to Oviedo at 8ish and we all headed home. We were all trying to decide whether we were going to go to classes or not. I decided against it and slept through a lot of the day instead. Then, our Cine class was canceled, so it was like a 4-day weekend. Overall, I had good times. And eventually through the week, I caught up on missed sleep.

Coming Soon: Morocco next weekend followed by Istanbul!

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  1. Mom

    Wow! What a great adventure. I’m so jealous! I can’t wait to hear about Morocco and Istanbul (though Lydia thinks you should call it Constantinople.) I doubt I will ever get to see as much of the world as you will have seen by June!

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