Gaudí, Gaudí, Gaudí…

I went to Barcelona this weekend! Loved it! It is such a beautiful city, humongoid too. Just so this post doesn’t end up being a mile and a half long, I’m going to split it into days and give you the gist of each. Ready, set, here we go…

Thursday: We met at the train station at 9:00 to get ready to get on our 9:30 train to Barcelona. The train was fun, we were all with each other, talking and such. I had some good bonding time with those in my group, told my life story. Fun fact: I was born at home (inside joke, sorry). The train was not quite as fun when we were trying to sleep. I woke up every half hour when either the train would stop, start, or shake, or when people came in talking. So, the sleep=no so great, but we made it to Barcelona Friday morning at 7:30ish.

Friday: We went straight from the train station to the hotel to chill until noon. Firgured out I could climb out my window and be on the roof, that was fun. Was noon rolled around, we got on a tour bus that took us to some key landmarks. We started at La Sagrada Familia, the amazing cathedral designed by Gaudí. It was gorgeous. I will have to return to Barcelona in 20-30 years once it is finished. It was started in the 1800s and is still being built today. The detail put into every little crevice is amazing. If you get a chance, go see it.

After that, we went to the Park Güell, which was also designed by Gaudí. (He basically designed the whole city) The park was beautiful, as well. The designs and detail that covered everything, includuing the ceiling, was awesome (check out my pictures on Facebook). There were a ton of street vendors out selling jewelry, scarves, sunglasses, watches, etc. I bought to necklaces aftert the vendor bartered the price down on her own (I was just looking at them, trying to decide which ones to get and she kept lowering the price, worked for me).

We were released into the city after the park, thank goodness we had Laurie around, who had been there already so she kind of knew her way around. We ate lunch, then headed for the cathedral (de Santa María I think..). It was pretty, but there was all kinds of construction going on so I couldn’t get really good pictures. We got some amazing gelato from this place, Giovanni’s, which was just heavenly. Then, we headed down La Rambla, which is this huge street in Barcelona with a ton of little shops and restaurants and such. Off of La Rambla was La Boqueria (this huge market), which had everything from live crawfish to gummy candies (including rabbits still with fur and chickens still with heads). After leaving the market, we walked for a while and found the statue of Columbus pointing to the Americas (actually pointing to the Med. Sea). We walked across this funky bridge and went to a little shopping mall. By this time, it was getting quite chilly, so I got a coffee to keep me warm.

We headed back to the hotel, getting to ride on the metro, which I love. People were planning on doing dinner at 9:30, but a few of us were hungry and wanted to go earlier. So, we head over to this centro comercial (mall) and ate at this awesome Italian restaurant. I got a pizza and ate it all. So good. We explored a little inside, got some dessert, but headed back soon after due to our lack of sleep.The second my light was out and my head was on my pillow, I was asleep, not even exagerrating, I was worn out.

Next time on My Spanish Adventures: Learn what happens on Saturday and Sunday, and how the train ride changed Monday classes.


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