Who’s an idiot? Me!

So, this weekend has been somewhat of a bust considering how I have ruined any plans I had set basically. I was supposed to go to Gijon on Saturday, then Covadonga today, right. Well I made it to Gijon, but only for dinner (which is really late) and without a camera. I can easily go back to Gijon though, so I’m not too worried.

Covadonga upsets me though. The bus was scheduled to leave at 9:30, so being me instead of setting the alarm for 8:30 like I meant to, I set it to 9:30. So, I thought I’d missed the bus, which sucks. Then, at 9:50, my friend texted me saying they were leaving. So, I could’ve made it there if I’d gone fast, but because I thought they were leaving, I didn’t get up so I really did miss it. That’s the worst part, I could’ve made it, but I didn’t. So, they’re aren’t gonna be any pictures from Covadonga which is sad because I’ve heard it’s beautiful. Life goes on though, and I will see other things.

On, a happier note, dinner was really good and Gijon is really pretty. Once I actually go during the day and take my camera, I’ll have pictures up. The most interesting thing about dinner was the crepes, which had eels, shrimp, crab, and other sea creatures. I didn’t necessarily like it, but I tried it and it wasn’t that bad.

Life lesson of the day: Set more than one alarm and always try to make it even if it doesn’t seem possible.


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One response to “Who’s an idiot? Me!

  1. Mom

    You are consistent, I’ll say that for you. I would have thought you’d learned the alarm lesson before now, seeing as you never get up on the first alarm anyway.
    Miss you, love you.

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